Phase 2 hCG Recipe | Peppermint Strawberry Protein Smoothie | AP
Phase 2 hCG Recipe | Peppermint Strawberry Protein Smoothie | AP
  • 1/3cup water
  • 3 large strawberries
  • 1/4cup vanilla protein powder(I used vanilla bone broth powder – 100 cals/20g protein) – AP
  • 1/4tsp spearmint or peppermint flavor
  • 6-7 ice cubes*
  • powdered steviato taste**
  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend. If you have a higher powder blender you can use the designated amount of ice. If you have a cheaper blender you may need to add more liquid.
Recipe Notes

*Please note ice cube size can be different! These are the size that comes from ice cube trays, which are bigger than the kind that comes from the built-in freezer system – add enough ice cubes so that your smoothie is nice and thick.

This can easily be vegan with vegan protein powder such as Sunwarrior sprouted fermented rice protein powder 

Make this a full serving of fruit by having 125g (1 cup) of strawberries.

**This is based on the Trim Healthy Mama stevia brand that I personally use and linked to in the recipe which is quite concentrated. Stevia potency really varies from brand to brand so you may need to adjust the level of stevia to more or less depending on which one you use.